My Sojourn with Event ID 27745, 5585 & 18456

For over a week, I kept seeing this event ID, all over the Web Front End server, it also had along side it Event 5586. It was a bother as the only known fix which I found here was to do a restart of the SQL server. As I waited for the weekend so I do perform the maintenance, the entire farm went down like the drowning noise of a power generator when it's out of gas.
Now the panic started..Where is the problem? Why did MSSQL go down?

Well I took the following steps;
1. Perform a farm reset. Restarted all the servers in the farm.

When all servers came up, it helped abit as the errors cleared out.
Now I faced the MSSQL server.
During this period, I had been faced with another dreaded issue which started as a result of one of my consultants deleting a Shared Services Provider which he created in a bid to fix another issue. So the DB created was still hanging around in the MSSQL brains..but needed to be cleared out.

Solution was... from this link.
Phew! what a relief. now let me watch the servers for a while..

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