Upgrading Staging Environment to SP1

The Staging Environment of WebWox is a replica of the Live environment.
This SharePoint Installation includes a Server Farm of 5 servers + and IIS server as follows;
  1. IIS-Stage-WFE01 – Hosts the HomePage
  2. SP-Stage-APP01 – Runs Excel Services
  3. SP-Stage-Search01 – Runs Office Search Services
  4. SP-Stage-WFE01 – Hosts the Central Administration
  5. SP-Stage-WFECr01 – Acts as a Front End Web Crawler
  6. SP-Stage-SQL01 – Hosts the Staging Database and are subdomains used to hosting the Web Applications and Site Collections. These 2 are SSL enabled and obtains the SSL certificate from the domain controller

The following steps were implemented;

  1. Perform a backup job of the entire farm – to \srv-pencil\serverbackups$\stage.
  2. Ensure that the backup is successful (Incomplete backup cannot be used)
  3. Disconnect from farm SP-Stage-APP01, SP-Stage-WFECr01, SP-Stage-Search01.
  4. Uninstall SharePoint from all servers that have been disconnected from the farm.
  5. Reinstall SharePoint on all the servers that have been disconnected from the farm
  6. Run Configuration Wizard on WFECr01 setup a new farm – WXSPConfig
    Connect Search01, APP01 for the new farm
  7. Assign Services to these servers. – Office Search Server and Windows Search setup on SEARCH01 using (WSS_Search_SPSTSCH) as DB
  8. Point webwox-stage & mysites to WFECr01. Add the to WFECr01.
  9. Run restore job to restore the backup taken from WFE01.
  10. Select New Configuration
    Databases used for restore;
  11. Ensure that restore was successful
  12. Setup SSL on the Websites mysites-stage and magellan2-stage by assigning a new SSL certificate using the DNS names &
  13. Perform tests to ensure staging environment is functional
  14. Perform the upgrade to SP1 by installing all the files on the servers APP01, Search01, WFECr01 following the Microsoft Documentation on upgrading MOSS 2007 to SP1.
  15. Perform Testing after the farm has been upgraded.
  16. Turn on the Firewall on all servers and click Office Web Servers, Secure HTTPS and HTTP access. Add Secure MySite Connection 8083. Allow this traffic
  17. After SP1
    Go to search setting from the SSP, click Crawl Rules and Apply new Crawl Rule to and uncheck
    "Follow links on the URL without crawling the URL itself".

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