SharePoint Recycle Bin

Never ignore your waste bin, it might save you 10days of work and sleepless nights.

Right under my desk i've got a nice little recycle bin, daily i drop in waste, unneeded paper and faulty CDs that didnt copy files as I wanted, but before I drop that stuff, I double check if it needs to be binned!

Over the last week, a client was having issues with restoring a deleted site from backups.

The site was mistakenly deleted by the site admin, and he wanted it back in 10days.

Now, where did that site go? The inhouse SharePoint admin guy gave me a call, breathing heavily...what can you do to help me get out of this predicament. Quite reassuring i sounded. Oh, Steve Jobs no worries I can get you your sites.

I requested for his backups, he didnt have them but had secondary backups eslewhere. He got them for me.

I setup his Db files on a test environment, got them into the SQL server and created a new farm. Got SUSHI to backup and restore the sites. Now while doing this, I remembered my waste bin.

Ohh what a time waster, it has been in the Recycle bin all this while.

The delete sites were kept in the recycle bin temporarily for 30days, so you can restore them if you make a wrong move.

Also I had write a review on the permissions given to SuperUsers/Site Admins such that there are new levels of Site Admin, this means you can have Super Site Admin wherein a normal site admin would not have permission to delete sites except he has the permission to do it.

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