PDF files in SharePoint

Lately, I was sent a mail from a client requesting why he could not see the content of the PDF files he uploaded into his SharePoint farm. So i started a research... although I am aware that SharePoint indexes PDF files but not its content. Then I came across Microsoft's paper - How to Correct Configure Acrobat PDF IFilter for SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Though this for SPS 2003 but i hope this would work for MOSS 2007.

So I did the following;
1. Download the latest version of Adobe iFilter
Adobe iFilter 9 for 64bit platforms
2. Or make sure you download Adobe Reader 9.0 using the Internet access of the WFE or a similar PC with same OS configurations.
3. Stop IIS Manager from the services console.

4. Install both the Adobe iFilter and Adobe Reader 9.0 (Well I had to install both to get the results).
5. Then follow the Microsoft resolutions here.. to point 7. Stop. Make sure you take note of this info
6. Follow this document and do points 2 - 5
7. Also you might want to take note of this PDF file
8. Restart your server.

Also note that PDF files are crawled after the installation of Adobe iFilter

Read More:-
Configuration of Adobe iFilter 9 for 64bit Platforms of MOSS 2007

Search Error "Element not Found"

Hi All,
I was looking at one of my test environment today and I found this error (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002802B (TYPE_E_ELEMENTNOTFOUND))
And also the site it self http://webserver:418 was not crawled or the crawl log under Hostname Summary... Http://webserver:418 (successfully crawled = 0). That didnt look good!.

So I did a search for similar issues online and came across this solution. which I applied and it worked.

So my steps were;
1. Go to the IIS Manager check the account under which the sharepoint central admin appool is running (say it is running under com\user1)
2.go to administrative tools -->component services--> drill down to DCOM config
3.Osearch and spsearch properties -->identity--> this user put (com\user1) account there

4. Then perform Full/Incremental crawl on the sites. Voila it worked!


SearchSPSettings.aspx throws error HTTP 403 Forbidden

Problem: After resolving a search account issue, I encountered this problem. I noticed that I could no longer access the Search Settings page. I started to see the 403 Error Page.I also i noticed it was only that page the was not inaccessible.

Solution: The problem is caused by the local wss_wpg server account not having write access to the %windir%\tasks folder, usually c:\windows\tasks folder. This folder is used by Windows Task Scheduler. So to fix the problem the wss_wpg account needs to be given write access to the c:\windows\tasks folder on the index server.
Note: The c:\windows\tasks folder is a hidden folder by default.


  1. On Index Server or all server in farm
  2. Open a command prompt and type attrib -s %windir%\tasks
  3. Browse to %windir%\tasks, right click and select properties. Add the WSS_WPG group and grant Read & Write permissions on the tasks folder.
  4. Open a command prompt and type attrib +s %windir% \tasks