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Lately, I was sent a mail from a client requesting why he could not see the content of the PDF files he uploaded into his SharePoint farm. So i started a research... although I am aware that SharePoint indexes PDF files but not its content. Then I came across Microsoft's paper - How to Correct Configure Acrobat PDF IFilter for SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Though this for SPS 2003 but i hope this would work for MOSS 2007.

So I did the following;
1. Download the latest version of Adobe iFilter
Adobe iFilter 9 for 64bit platforms
2. Or make sure you download Adobe Reader 9.0 using the Internet access of the WFE or a similar PC with same OS configurations.
3. Stop IIS Manager from the services console.

4. Install both the Adobe iFilter and Adobe Reader 9.0 (Well I had to install both to get the results).
5. Then follow the Microsoft resolutions here.. to point 7. Stop. Make sure you take note of this info
6. Follow this document and do points 2 - 5
7. Also you might want to take note of this PDF file
8. Restart your server.

Also note that PDF files are crawled after the installation of Adobe iFilter

Read More:-
Configuration of Adobe iFilter 9 for 64bit Platforms of MOSS 2007

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Joey said...

Thanks it saved the day.