SearchSPSettings.aspx throws error HTTP 403 Forbidden

Problem: After resolving a search account issue, I encountered this problem. I noticed that I could no longer access the Search Settings page. I started to see the 403 Error Page.I also i noticed it was only that page the was not inaccessible.

Solution: The problem is caused by the local wss_wpg server account not having write access to the %windir%\tasks folder, usually c:\windows\tasks folder. This folder is used by Windows Task Scheduler. So to fix the problem the wss_wpg account needs to be given write access to the c:\windows\tasks folder on the index server.
Note: The c:\windows\tasks folder is a hidden folder by default.


  1. On Index Server or all server in farm
  2. Open a command prompt and type attrib -s %windir%\tasks
  3. Browse to %windir%\tasks, right click and select properties. Add the WSS_WPG group and grant Read & Write permissions on the tasks folder.
  4. Open a command prompt and type attrib +s %windir% \tasks

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