Setting up a Subdomain to use in your SharePoint Farm

I was at a clients and they needed to have users typing the company's subdomain URL to access thier SharePoint sites (e.g

Step 1 - Create a Host (A) record on your Domain Controller
  1. Go to DNS Manager on your DC
  2. Select your domain (e.g
  3. Right click and select New Host (A)
  4. Type in the prososed subdomain name (e.g intranet)
  5. Enter the IP address you will be assigning to that subdomain
  6. Click Add Host, then click done

Step 2 - Test your Subdomain

  1. If your network settings is correct you can ping the new subdomain and it will quickly show you "Pinging [your IP address for the subdomain]... Request time out.

Step 3 - Add the new subdomain to the MOSS WFE NIC.

  1. On your MOSS front end, goto Control Panel>Network Connections> Select the NIC you are using for the local network
  2. Click Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > Advanced > Add (under IP addresses) > type in your IP address for the sub domain.
  3. Click Ok > Ok till you leave the settings screen.

Step 4 - Test your subdomain again

  1. Ping the subdomain name (
  2. You should have the ping back now successful

Step5 - Create a Web App using the Subdomain

  1. On the MOSS front end, goto IIS Manager, Create a Web App, using its properties add your content pool account.
  2. Open up Central Admin > Application Management > Click create new web app
  3. Fill out the details, under web application > select use existing web app > select your created web app in 1 above..complete the form. now remember in the site address type your subdomain as then click ok.
  4. This should create you a web app, web site for you to use with site collections having your subdomain as a URL.

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