Mobile Phone Contract or Not!

I have always been concerned with how many outgoings/expenses I do monthly.
One important one was my O2 monthly contract. I currently pay £34.25/mth for a Blackberry Bold on an 18 month contract (600mins 1000texts).
This means I am paying a total of £616.68 and more (if i choose to have add ons like free landline calls and also before the VAT rate became 15%)

I then considered reviewing my contract position. My findings are astonishing.

From O2 website, And if I take an 18month contract (600 mins) from O2 on a Samsung Tocco it will be costing £34.26/mnth = £616.68

You can get a SIM-Only 1 monthly contract for £19.58 (600 mins 1200 texts) which is a total cost of £352.44 for 18 months,

Also if I buy a Samsung Tocco from O2 at £127.22 as Pay-As-You-Go and combine it with the SIM-only contract I will be paying £479.66 for 18 months.

This is a saving of £137.02 in 18 months, a freedom to cancel anytime, get a cheaper contract down the line, move to another mobile provider and control your monthly outgoings..

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