STSADM Command Line (Permissions)

Recently i was trying to do a quick export and import of some sites I had created from UAT to Live.
Using the STSADM was an easy way out, but i kept running into "Access Denied" errors, even though I was working on the Farm Web Front End Server.
After a quick google as to why, i discovered that;

1. For STSADM to work you need to run it with a local administrator account
2. This account needs to be a Site Collection Administrator on the target site.

After making sure these points were in effect.. The error disappeared.

See this STSADM Command Line Reference useful stuff :)

Issues: Forms Based Authentication - Timing out

Now on completing my recent configuration of Forms Based Authentication, I noticed that it times out as a certain period of inactivity.
The client wouldnt really like this if it times out after 30mins, so i decided to modify the login script attached in the web.config of the Web Application that is hosting the Internet site.

I added as follows;

loginUrl="_layouts\login.aspx" protection="All|None|Encryption|Validation"

Thanks to Victor Batuza

And I got the following from Microsoft;

forms Attributes:
name="[cookie name]" - Sets the name of the cookie used for Forms Authentication.
loginUrl="[url]" - Sets the URL to redirect client to for authentication.
protection="[All|None|Encryption|Validation]" - Sets the protection mode for data in cookie.
timeout="[minutes]" - Sets the duration of time for cookie to be valid (reset on each request).
path="/" - Sets the path for the cookie.
requireSSL="[true|false]" - Should the forms authentication cookie be sent only over SSL?
slidingExpiration="[true|false]" - Should the forms authentication cookie and ticket be reissued if they are about to expire?

From Microsoft Help and Support

Forms Based Authentication using SharePoint Lists

Its been a while I had worked on this SharePoint feature, but recently I had a project that needed to be deployed for a Charity and needed to do this quickly without any tools (Visual Studio 2005). Then a requirement of this was to have a List of the Users in SharePoint so that Site Backup and Restore will be possible once Live. So I decided to use a neat little tool I got from Codeplex. SharePoint 2007 List Membership Provider .

The experience was quite interesting...
I hope to use the next few posts to describe my configuration.