The Execute Permission was denied on the object 'proc_UpdateVirusInfo'

Problem with 'proc_UpdateVirusInfo'
Event 5214, Category: Database, SharePoint Web Front End.

Insufficient SQL Database permissions for user "xxxxx" in database 'SharePoint_AdminContent_xxxx'
The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'proc_UpdateVirusInfo'

1. Ensure that the service account indicated in this error is a login on the SQL Server. 
2. Go to the SQL Server.
Expand the Instance > Expand Databases > Locate the database SharePoint_AdminContent_xxxx (indicated in the error)
3. Expand Programmability > Expand Stored Procedures
4. Locate 'dbo.proc_UpdateVirusInfo'
5. Right-click and select properties
6. In the new window, select Permissions, Add the user indicated in the error and apply Grant for Execute

7. Click Ok

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