Blocking File Types in SharePoint 2007

Blocking File Types in SharePoint 2007 is an operational action.
You can decide to restrict certain file types depending on the configuration of your SharePoint Farm or the organisational policy.

Blocking some file types you restrict the upload or download of these files with the extension that has been blocked. Users will not be able to add these files to SharePoint.

For example, you might need to block file types "*.exe" to exclude possible virus files users might unknowingly add to your farm.

Certain file types are by default blocked in SharePoint 2007 and also these file types blocking are Web Application specific.

To block a file type or find the list of file types blocked.

Go to Central Admin > Operations > Security Configuration > Blocked file types

1. Select the Web Application you want to implement Blocked File Types
2. On the resulting page, add the extension file type.
3. Click OK to save.

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