FIX: "New user account does not have a valid SID history"

Now, this was an issue I tackled recently.
I had a client who wanted to do a name change in SharePoint which should be a normal easy thing to do using the STSADM command MigrateUser. See my post on that here Name Changes for SharePoint User.

But on following the steps in my post I encountered an Error "New user account does not have a valid SID history" ...uhmmm strange!

So I thought, what would I do to resolve this. I know! google it. But the google results I got didn't really resolve my issue. I then looked into the SQL database to find the user info.

My query returned a strange result tp_token was NULL and the newlogin was not found.

So I decided to perform a force "-ignoresidhistory"

Then I ran into a brickwall. uhmm worse.
Ok, lets make things simple.
1. Add the new user login to the Site Collection
   - Site Actions > Site Settings > People and Groups
   - Add new user > Type the new user login details > Click Ok

2. View the new user profile
   - Move mouse over new user account in SharePoint
   - Copy the new user account ID
   - Go to http://servername/_layouts/userdisp.aspx?Force=True&ID=[ID Copied from above]
3. Delete new user account from Site Collection
4. Ask user to visit the site collection again.
5. A new user account ID is created. Problem fixed. User details updated.


Ben Akhigbe said...

I just used this solution. And it works like charm!

Ram Cheekoti said...

what if we have thousands of users

Ben Akhigbe said...

You will need to write a script that will run and fix all the users