SharePoint List Filter/Search Using OOTB Web Parts

Today I am going to describe a simple way to search/filter a list using a Text Filter Web Part.

I have this scenario, Client wants to search a list without having to use SharePoint Search or leaving the web page.


Note: To do this for the first time, create a test web part page to add the web parts.

  1. Create a new Web Part page. Save it as List Search.aspx
  2. Add Text Filter WebPart to the new aspx page
  3. Add the List (to be searched) to the page above using SPD
  4. Create a Parameter for the List column you want to search
  5. Filter the Data View Using the Parameter
  6. Connect Parameter on Data View to Text Filter

Create a new Web Part Page

Add the Text Filter to the Web Part page

Add List to be searched using SPD. Drag and drop the List as a DatasheetView Web Part

Edit the Columns and add the columns you would prefer to see on the List View.
Then click the List "Common Data View Tasks" and select "Filter".

Then select the column you would like to filter as the "Field Name", contains as the "Comparison" and CREATE NEW PARAMETER as the value.

In the resulting window, type in a name for the new parameter "NameSearch" and select Form and add a name for the Form Field.

Because you have applied a parameter, the List should not show any data.
Then save the ASPX page and return to the site in IE.

You now need to do a Web Part connection so that the Text Filter will send values to the List View.
Go to Edit View of the page in IE. 
Click the Web Part properties to select connection > Get Parameters From > Filter : [Text Filter Name Title] (in my case Filter: Column Search)

In the Configure Connection dialog window select '[Parameter Name]' (in my case Column Search) from the pull down menu and click the Finish Button.  

Now the Column Search/filter is now ready to use. You can test you see if you get any results using data from the column you have selected.

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TinRibs said...

SharePoint Designer is not what I would consider OOTB. Our IT department has decided that we are not allowed to use SharePoint Designer. Ugh.