HOWTO: Send SMS Messages from SharePoint (WSS 3.0 & MOSS 2007)

Recently, I had a client who needed to do a simple task using his subscription of bulk sms messages.
He uses SharePoint as a CRM tool, to keep his customers updated with information about his company he needed to implement an SMS solution to push out SMS messages with different content from SharePoint.

A very simple ingenious solution requires the following;

1. A bulk Email to SMS account with any bulk SMS provider.
2. The SharePoint list(s) containing the mobile phone numbers of the recipient(s).
3. The SharePoint list to be used to send the SMS Body
4. SharePoint Designer 2007

Set up a bulk Email to SMS Account with any bulk SMS provider.

I had setup an account with a provider who requested that I use an email with which is associated with my bulk SMS account.
Now the email I used with the bulk SMS provider was the email I have configured on the "Web Application Outgoing Email Settings" for the web application that was running the SharePoint list.

By the using this email, the bulk SMS provider system was able to identify any emails coming from my server as an authenticated user.

Create a Workflow to Send emails
Next, I created a workflow using SharePoint Designer 2007 to send email (using a trigger) whenever a new item is created or an item is changed.

In the body of the email generated by the workflow, was the text of the SMS to be sent.
In the email address is a combination of the mobilephone@bulksmsprovider.domain. This means once the workflows runs as designed, it generates an email to be sent to the email (customers_mobilephone_number@bulk_sms_provider_domain) and this gets delivered straight away.

Remember that SharePoint 2010 has a new functionality "Mobile Account Settings", this feature would allow you to configure an SMS Service on your SharePoint Server.

I have observed the cost of using these SMS Service providers is absolutely high and very few of them. But using my solution above will give the opportunity to use any provider of your choice.


Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Would this solution work in SharePoint 2013 and/or Office365 (SharePoint Online)?

Anantha Lakshmi said...

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