Managing Organization Hierarchy in SharePoint 2007 MySites

Recently, I was saddled with the responsibility of making some changes to the Organization Hierarchy in SharePoint 2007 MySites.

I got a request to remove a former employee of a client of mine user details from the organisational hierarchy in SharePoint 2007 MySites.

To understand how Organization Hierarchy in SharePoint  MySites is populated you need to read all about it in  here - http://www.gk.id.au/2009/07/sharepoint-my-site-managing-user.html

This post is only going to solve issues you might have when removing users from the hierarchy.

I noticed the following, after I looked at the request;

  • User does not exists in Active User Profile repository
  • Users mysite site collection does not exists
  • User account not disabled in AD

The issues above even made it more complicated until I looked alittle closer to the User Profiles and Properites>View User Profiles with the SSP.
See this page  http://[ssp admin url]/ssp/admin/_layouts/ProfMain.aspx

Click View User Profiles and on the resulting page. You either search for the user of use the drop down "Active Profiles" and switch to  "Profiles Missing from Import".

Once you find the user, select edit and make changes to the Manager properties in there.

That actually solves the problem.