HOW TO: Create Meeting Workspace with Outlook 2010 in SharePoint - Part 2

I have explained in my last post, how to create a Meeting Workspace in SharePoint. Today I will be explaining how to create a Meeting Workspace for reoccurring meetings. To start with you must have read my first post as that contains some pre-information I need here.

To Create a Meeting Workspace for a reoccurring meeting.

a.       Click on New Meeting

b.      Add all the attendees, add a Subject and Location.

c.       Click on Reoccurrence.

d.      Add the meeting reoccurrence details (i.e Reoccurrence Pattern and Range of Reoccurence)

e.      Click the Meeting Workspaces icon, that’s on the Quick Access Toolbar.

f.        You get the following window.

g.       Click Change Settings (on your right, under Meeting Workspaces).

h.      On the resulting window, under Location select ..Other.

i.         Type the URL Address of the parent SharePoint site where you want to create the Meeting Workspace site. e.g http://Server/YourTeamsite/

j.        Click Ok

k.       And Click Ok again once it displays the correct SharePoint site name.

l.         Click Create on the new screen.

 In my next post, I will explain who to link to an existing Meeting Workspace

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